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All I Need


Information in compliance with the General Data Protection Regulation

In Switzerland there is a Federal Act on Data Protection, designed to keep your personal data safe, which is compulsory for our entity.

Hence, it’s very important for us you fully understand what we are going to do with the personal data we collect from you.

Therefore, we’re going to be transparent, so you’ll have control over your data, and employ a simple wording and clear choices that will enable you to decide what we shall do with your personal information.

For further information upon reading this information, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Thanks for your co-operation.

Who are we?

  • Our name:
    All I Need Enterprise AG

  • Our UID Register no:
    CHE-315.492.926 (All I Need Enterprise AG).

  • Our main activity:
    Artistic, Entertainment, and Lifestyle Services (Music, Events, Fashion).

  • Our address:
    Bruchstrasse 5, CH-6003 Lucerne, Switzerland

  • Our contact phone number:
    +41 79 686 66 27

  • Our contact email:

  • Our website:

What are we processing your data for?

On a general basis, your personal data shall be processed to enable us to interact with you and provide you with our services.

Besides, it might be processed for other purposes, such as sending you advertising material or promoting our activities.

Why do we need to process your data?

Your personal data is necessary for us to interact with you and provide you with our services.

Who shall be given access to the personal data we collect from you?

On a general basis, only properly authorised staff from our entity shall be given access to the data we collect from you.

Likewise, those entities that might need to process your personal data shall be given access to it in order to enable us to provide you with our services. Thus, for instance, our bank shall be given access to your data if you make your payment of our services by bank card or wire transfer.

Furthermore, those entities, either public or private, by which we are bound to disclose your personal data in compliance with any regulation, shall be given access to it. Given for instance Tax Law, by virtue of which we may have to provide the Swiss Tax Authorities with specific data regarding transactions exceeding a specific amount.

Aside from the above if we need to give access to your personal data to other entities.

How shall we protect your data?

We shall protect your data with effective security measures according to the risk the processing of your data entails.

To that effect, our entity has approved a Data Protection Policy and monitoring, as well as annual audits are carried out to verify your data is kept safe unfailingly.

Will we transfer your data to other countries?

In the world there are countries that keep your data safe and others not that much. Thus, for instance, Switzerland and the European Union are a safe environment for your data. Our policy is not transferring your personal data to any country that is not safe from the perspective of data protection.

In case it’s essential for the provision of a service to transfer your data to a country that is not as safe as Switzerland in this regard, we shall always ask your prior consent and effective security measures will be implemented to reduce risks related to the transfer of your personal data to other country.

How long shall we keep your data?

We will keep your data over the course of our relationship and then as long as we are bound by law. Once the legally-prescribed period is finished, we shall proceed to delete it environmentally-friendly and safely.

Which are your personal data protection rights?

Anytime you may contact us in order to know which data we’re keeping from you, change it if mistaken, and delete it upon termination of our relationship, in case that is legally possible.

Besides you have the right to request your data to be transferred to other entity. Such right is named “portability” and it might be useful in certain situations.

You may request the exercise of those rights by written enquiry to our address, including a copy of your ID card to identify you.

May you withdraw your consent in case you change your mind at a later stage?

You may withdraw your consent in case you change your mind regarding the processing of your data at any time.

Thus, for instance, if you agreed to receive advertising material of our products or services in the past and you don’t wish to receive it any longer, you may contact us at the above mentioned email address.

Shall we profile you?

Our policy is not profiling our services’ users.

Nevertheless, under specific circumstances, for the purposes of providing services, advertising or others, we will have to create data profiles about you. For instance, using your shopping /services history so we might offer you products or services according to your tastes or needs.

Under such circumstances, effective security measures shall be implemented to keep your data safe from unauthorised people who intended to process it for their own purposes.

Shall we process your data for other purposes?

Our policy is not to process your data for different purposes from the ones explained herein. However, if we needed to process your data for different purposes, your consent shall always be priory requested, through clear options to enable you to decide in this regard.